Friday, 26 December 2008

Now then. This blog's gonna be all about what's going on with MIDDLEMAN and some other stuff too, including tips on making life more exciting. That's the good stuff. Check us out

December was cool, Huw Stephens has been playing us on Radio 1 again. The man's a legend. So text in to Radio 1 to request us and get us on again.
This is our year!
I've got into the Christmas spirit (brandy) by wearing an
inflatable santa suit on stage for a couple a gigs. Pics and video will follow soon.

At the end I told the crowd we’d sold out of cds but had vinyl. I said if anyone wanted they could come and see me after the show and I’d give them 7 inches for £3. That's an offer most people couldn't refuse.

Here's this blog's tip: Don't pour wine too violently or you'll bruise it. That's what some pretentious bastard told me at a mate's party the other day. He was drinking some fancy red, I was knocking back pink ribena wine. They say you can tell how good a wine is by how deep the indent is in the bottom cause waiters put their thumb in it to pour one handed in fancy restaurants. Well, my bottle had a screw cap and a slightly convex base, like a sugary glass weeble. As well as being cheaper, I got the extra mouthful of wine contained by the convex bulge. Bruise that you winey snob.

Finally, here's my tip for the 2009 Christmas number one spot, Pall Makartneh by Pillers of the Community:

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