Wednesday, 21 January 2009

PARTY 2009!

Happy new year everyone! This year's gonna be wicked! 2009 is paved with Fruit Pastels, but only the red and black ones, unless you’re one of those weirdos whose favourite is yellow, you can have the ones I don’t need. To start you off, here’s a pic of me in my work clothes, as promised last blog.


We played our first ever private party last week, our mate Ewan’s 30th birthday. It was wicked; check out the video below. There’s a bit during Friends that’s nearly as smooth as when they replaced the old Pippa on Home and Away. One day the blond Pippa disappears and a skinnier, brunette woman just walks into the house, probably having offed the old Pippa, and everyone just calls her Pip cause she’s so confident with it like nothing’s happened and Sally’s all like, “Hey Pip, what are you making for dinner?” and I’m like “Sally don’t be a fucking idiot you can’t trust her, she’s not even Pippa and she’ll put poison in your food you div.” And Sally’s not even suspicious even though she’s lived with Pippa for years and years and should really be expected to spot an imposter. Anyway, here’s the video, keep an eye out for Ewan breaking Krish’s maracas, it looks deliberate doesn’t it?

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